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Real people. Real conversations.

Tapebook is a social network where you can record and only engage through audio/video. Connect and communicate like never before.

Finally, a social network that's truly social.

No text, image, or link-based updates. No vanity likes. No advertising. With less noise, you'll have more time for authentic expression and real social engagement.

Express yourself

Stop hiding behind a keyboard and image filters. Stop consuming frivolous content and fake news. Start being who you are. Start sharing authentic and knowledgeable updates. Tapebook is a network that empowers you with your own voice.

where you can be heard.

Share your stories

Traditional social media stories are basically banner ads. Real storytelling captivates an audience and invokes a feeling of connection. Real stories make you vulnerable, and with vulnerability comes personal freedom. Tapebook is a place to record memorable stories.

where stories come to life.

Get real engagement

Texting and "likes" will never replace the bond of real human connection. When you get to know people, you'll naturally create new opportunities to collaborate, learn and grow. Tapebook is a community that connects through dialogue and conversation.

where real meets real.

A social network built around audio and video.

Be social and engage with people the way nature intended. Connect and communicate like never before.

Fast Recording

Record together or solo. Publishing audio/video content is effortless.

Find Your Tribe

Follow interesting people and get notified when they publish a tape.

Discover Topics

Browse #hashtags or search by keyword to find relevant tapes.

Rich Engagement

Recommend tapes, leave an audio comment, and interact freely.

Record Together or Solo

Whether vlogging, audio-logging, or co-creating with others, you'll have endless options to record audio/video tapes – quickly and easily. Stop waiting and take back your time with instant uploads. Record whenever, wherever inspiration strikes.

Lead Your Tribe

On Tapebook, your audience and network belongs to you.

Audio/video is the easiest way to share your knowledge, memorable thoughts and conversations. Publish a tape and your followers are immediately notified. Share updates with your community and socially interact with your network. Get real and authentic engagement.

Discover on the Fly

Browse popular #hashtags and explore topics that interest you the most.

Connect with knowledgeable people and thought leaders who share interesting audio/video tapes. You can also filter tapes by people you're following. Play bite-sized tapes on the go, when you want, where you want.

Be expressive, make memories.
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The most effective way to engage with your network, and the fastest way to share audio/video content with zero upload time.